Hardware Compatibility

Root/Gateway Wi-Fi point

Nokia WiFi supported root devices devices with the Nokia WiFi mobile app:

(Support of the devices listed below is dependent on the CSP and firmware version.)

  • Nokia WiFi Beacons 1, 1.1, 2, 3 ,6
  • Nokia WiFi Gateway 3
  • Nokia FastMile 4G, 5G Gateways
  • Some CSP provided ONTs (modems/gateways):
    • G-140W-C, G-140W-H
    • G-240W-G, G-240W-J
    • G-0425G-A, G-0425G-B
    • G-1425G-A
    • G-2425G-A, G-2425G-B
    • G-2426G-A, G-2426G-B
    • XS-2426G-A, XS2426G-B
    • G-2426G-A
    • HA-140W-B

Extender Wi-Fi points

Nokia WiFi Beacons an be used to extend your network.

If you have a network setup with devices from your CSP they will not be compatible with devices purchased on the used market that are not specific to the same CSP.