Error screen: Can't find your Nokia WiFi device

When your device is not connected to Nokia WiFi SSID or you have not previously setup Nokia WiFi, you may encounter the Can’t find your Nokia WiFi device message. This means that Nokia WiFi mobile app was unable to find your Nokia WiFi device.

When using the mobile app to configure your network, you must be connected to your Nokia WiFi.

  • If you have already setup a Nokia WiFi network and you see this message, your device may not be connected to a Nokia WiFi SSID.
    • Verify your Wi-Fi connection: check that the Nokia WiFi devices in your network are powered up, connected to the WiFi network and received an IP address. Tap Try Again.
  • If you have not previously setup Nokia WiFi, tap Setup new network and refer to Setup your Nokia WiFi.

You also may see this screen in cases of DNS failure, in which case you may need to perform further troubleshooting via the Nokia WiFi Web GUI or with a support agent.