The Nokia WiFi Beacon is available in two versionsthe Beacon 1 and the Beacon 3The main difference between them is the size and type of home they cover. Both do a fantastic job of extending internet coverage to every point in your homegiving you the best possible performance and ensuring ready access to the applications and services you need.  

The Nokia WiFi solution consists of two main components: 

  • The Nokia WiFi Beacon (Beacon 1 or Beacon 3) 
  • The Nokia WiFi mobile app 




  • Nokia WiFi devices. Beacon 1 and Beacon 3 can both work together in a single Wi-Fi network when purchased through the same CSP.
  • Other brands. Nokia WiFi Beacons do not work with the mesh devices from other brands. 
  • Sim option.  There is no SIM option, but we support cellular dongles through the USB ports of the Nokia WiFi Gateway 3. Nokia WiFi Beacons do not include USB ports.