Thanks for purchasing Nokia WiFi! Here’s how to get started so you’ll love it as much as we do. 

Make sure you have the following:

  • Access to an existing wireless network through an internet-connected modem or router
  • Your Nokia WiFi supported device with its power cable and an Ethernet cable
  • A smartphone running the Nokia WiFi app connected to your existing wireless network

Nokia WiFi supported devices (these devices can be used as a root device/gateway) with the Nokia WiFi mobile app:

  • Nokia WiFi Beacons 1, 2, 3 ,6
  • Nokia WiFi Gateway 3
  • Nokia FastMile 4G, 5G Gateways
  • Additional supported  CSP provided ONTs (G-240W-G, G-140W-H, G-240W-J, HA-140W-B) (end of 2020: G-2425G-A, G-2425G-B, G-2426G-A)

Important: If you have an existing router or modem/router combo you will need to disconnect your existing router (or turn of the router function on your modem/router combo) to avoid issues with 'double-NAT'. 

The Nokia WiFi app
Launch the Nokia WiFi app and tap Get Started


Agree to Terms of Service and Privacy



Select device

Select the device that is to be used as the root device.


Scan the QR code

  • The app will ask you to scan the QR code on the bottom of your Beacon using your phone's camera;
  • Give the app access to take pictures/record video; tap Allow
  • This opens the camera app and a frame, and you see the message Position QR code in this frame
  • Point your smartphone at the code and hold it steady
  • A scanning line will move vertically across the code
  • When the code is successfully scanned the rectangle will flash green

If you don’t want to give permission to use your camera, you can enter the information from the sticker on the Beacon manually. To do this tap Enter Manually


Connect your Beacon

For step-by-step instructions for setting up your Beacons, tap Next.

If you’ve already set up your Beacons and your Wi-Fi is working tap I've already installed my Beacons to set up your account


Connect power

  • Connect your Beacon to a power outlet
  • Ensure your modem or router is also switched on
  • If you have wired client devices, you can connect them to the Beacon's LAN ports

Tap Next


Restart your modem

  • Restart your modem

Tap Next



Power on your Beacon

  • On the Beacon's back panel, press the Power button

Tap Next


Looking for your Beacon

  • Your Beacon will finish setting up your network
  • Wait a couple of minutes



Create an account


  • Some instances of Nokia WiFi do not include account setup (registration). (this varies bases on your internet provider)
    • In these cases, to sign into the mobile app the credentials on the bottom of the root Beacon should be used.
  • Each home network can only have one account (email address) linked to it.
  • A second home network can be setup using the same mobile app install but you will need to log out of one network and login to the second one. A different email address will need to be used to create the second account.

Limitations on input fields 


  • Only UTF-8 Character set is allowed
  • Symbols, special charters , combined markup charters are not allowed
  • Length of 3 to 64
  • Should Start with any valid letters

Email address

  • The first and last characters cannot be spaces
  • It must follow standard email address conventions: @ occurs after 1 or more characters; a period (.) occurs after 1 or more characters after @


  • Must be 8 to 24 characters in length
  • Must include at least one special characters (except for %)
  • Must include at least one number
  • First character cannot be a special character
  • The same character cannot occur consecutively 8 times




Verify account

  • Check your email and click the link to verify the account



Personalize your network

Change device name

You can change the device name to something easily recognizable. You can do this during setup or later in Account Settings.


Edit Wi-Fi Name and Password

  • If you want a custom name for your Nokia WiFi network you can change the name now or later on in Account Settings. The default value is displayed; for example NOKIA-1234.
  • Tap the pencil icon to change the name
  • Using 1–32 alphanumeric or special characters—the first and last characters cannot be spaces—enter your network's name;

Edit Wi-Fi password

  • You can change your password now or later on in Account Settings. The default value is shown
  • Tap the pencil icon to make changes
  • Use 8–63 alphanumeric or special characters—the first and last characters cannot be spaces

If you make changes to your Wi-Fi name or password the system will reboot before the changes take effect. 



You’re done!


Devices View

After you’ve completed the setup you will see the devices view and be able use the app to manage your network.




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