Extend your network coverage by adding a Beacon (Wi-Fi point)

You can add an additional Beacon (Wi-Fi point) into your existing Nokia WiFi network with the Nokia WiFi mobile app. This can be done with a wireless connection or with an Ethernet cable.

Note: If your root device is 5G gateway, only Beacon 2 can be used to extend your Wi-Fi network.

Add a Wi-Fi point

  1. Tap Network on the bottom navigation of the Nokia WiFi Mobile App.
  2. In the Wi-Fi Points tab of the Network screen, tap Add Wi-Fi point.

      • Test a new location - follow the instructions to test a potential location of your new Wi-Fi point with only your mobile phone before adding the new Wi-Fi point to your network.
      • If you would like to connect with an Ethernet cable tap Connect with Ethernet to skip wireless placement tips and location test.


  3. Place your Beacon  - follow the instructions in the app to place your Beacon after you have found a good location.