Add a Beacon to extend your Wi-Fi network coverage

This section explains how to add an additional Beacon wirelessly into an existing Nokia WiFi network. To add another Beacon using an Ethernet cable, see the section “Ethernet Backhaul” 


  • An existing Nokia WiFi network (see "Setup your Nokia WiFi") 
  • A smartphone with the Nokia WiFi app installed and connected to your Nokia WiFi network 
  • 1 or 2 Nokia WiFi Beacons (either Beacon 1s or Beacon 3s) 

How to add a Beacon 

  • From the Nokia WiFi app home screen open the Settings menu in the upper-left corner  

Tap Add Beacon 



Look for the sticker 

  •       The app asks youto find the sticker on the bottom of your Beacon. You’ll recognize it easily by the QR code.

Tap Next


Scan the QR code 

  • Tap Scan Code to scan the QR code on the bottom of the Beacon using your smartphone's camera  
  • Point your smartphone at the code and hold it steady 
  • You’ll see a scanning line move vertically across the code 
  • The box will turn green when the code has been scanned successfully 

Tap Continue


Place Beacon

  • Place your Beacon in an open space no more than two rooms away from the root Beacon that serves as your internet gateway 

Tap Next


Connect Power

  • Plug your Beacon into a wall socket  

Tap Next


Power on the Beacon 

  • Press the Power button on the Beacon's panel 

Tap Next 


Connection successful

  • Once your Beacon is discovered by the network and a connection established, you’ll see Connection Successful  

Tap Next


Connection strength 

Next, you’ll test the quality of the connection between the Nokia WiFi devices on your network.  

If the connection is perfect, you’ll see the message Your WiFi is fantastic! 

If the connection needs improving, you’ll see either yellow or red icon on your screen with instructions for repositioning the Beacon and testing again. 

When you are satisfied with your WiFi connection, tap Next 


Where is your Beacon? 

  • Associate your Beacon with a room so it's easy to identify later. Select one of the suggested room names or tap Custom name and enter your own 

Note  The maximum length for a custom room name is 15 characters. Neither the first nor the last characters can be a space.  

Tap Next 


All done! 

When your Beacon is configured and your network range expanded, you can either: 

  • Tap Add Beacon to expand your coverage even further 
  • Tap Done to view the Home menu along with any connected client devices  

If you want to add another Beacon, go back to the beginning of this section 

Otherwise, to start managing your Nokia WiFi networkgo to the section "Client devices on your network".



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