View Nokia WiFi device details

You can see which devices are connected to a Nokia WiFi Beacon or Gateway, view device details, and switch the LED on or off.

  • Tap on the Devices 
  • Select Beacons

devices1.png           device2.png

LED Light  

The LED on top of your Nokia WiFi device is enabled by default. Select this option to turn it on or off.

Connected Client Devices
This shows you all the client devices currently connected to your Nokia WiFi device.

Tap a client device to view its details.


Nokia WiFi Device Details

Nokia WiFi device details include:

  • Serial Number. This value is also shown on the device’s sticker
  • MAC Address. The device's unique hardware identification number
  • IP Address. The device's communication address
  • Version.The version of Nokia WiFi firmware running on the device



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