The Heat Map
The home screen gives you a view of the entire Nokia WiFi network from the perspective of connection strength currently experienced by connected client devices, as represented by the concentric circles of the heat map.

The inner circle represents the area of strongest connectivity; the second and third circles represent areas of progressively less connectivity.

All client devices connected to the network are shown both as numeric points on the heat map and in numeric list form below the heat map.

This mesh shows 3 connected client devices.

Connection Strength
To the left of each client device in the list view, you see a circle that is green, orange, or red. These colored circles represent the strength of the client device's best connection to a Nokia WiFi device.

To the right of each client device in the list view, you see a WiFi icon that also represents the client's connection strength.

Client Names
When a client device first joins the network, it displays its default name value; for example, android-ef661b3b0d8.

You can give each device a more easily-recognizable name, such as Work Laptop. Refer to the section "Change a client device's name."


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