What are the components of the Nokia WiFi solution? 
The Nokia WiFi solution consists of two main components: 

  • The Nokia WiFi Beacon (Beacon 1 or Beacon 3) 
  • The Nokia WiFi mobile app 

Can all Beacons (Beacon 1 or Beacon 3) work together in a single Wi-Fi network? 

Can beacons connect to other brands' mesh devices?
No. At this point we leverage on a proprietary mesh technology (from Unium), which guarantees us the best performance, but we are investigating a more open approach like EasyMesh. potentially in 2020. 

Does Nokia WiFi Beacons work with mesh WiFi devices from other brands? 
No. To give you the best possible performance, Nokia WiFi devices use a proprietary mesh technology from Unium

Are the Beacons compatible with any service provider? 
Yes. Nokia WiFi Beacons work with a broadband service from any internet service provider (ISP). All you need to do is connect Nokia WiFi to the broadband gateway or modem provided by your ISP.  

 Can the Beacons be used in a large home? 

  • One Beacon 1 can cover about 1,500 sq.ft (140 m2). Two Beacon 1 units can cover up to 3,000 sq. ft (280 m2). Three Beacon 1 units can cover up to 4,500 sq.ft (420 m2). 
  • One Beacon 3 can cover about 2,000 sq.ft (185 m2). Two Beacon 3 units can cover up to 4,000 sq. Ft (370 m2). Three Beacon 3 units cover up to 6,000 sq.ft (555 m2). 
  • We recommend multiple Beacons for a multi-story home.  

Why would I buy Nokia WiFi Beacons, instead of any other brand?

Peak performance

  • Always uses the best channel and/or band, regardless of your environment
  • Get the best possible connectivity for each of your client devices


  • Consumers expect to be able to enjoy their HD or 4K videos throughout the home
  • They expect to be able to use several client devices simultaneously
  • They expect that nothing will impact their WiFi performance (like neighbors’ WiFi or microwave ovens)


  • The Beacon 3 is the only mesh device that can detect and identify WiFi and non-WiFi interference in real-time; the Intelligent Channel Selection then guarantees the most optimal channel and band.

Uninterrupted WiFi
Nokia WiFi Mesh


  • All beacons are equal and exchange information about channels, backhaul and devices
  • The beacons choose the best backhaul (Ethernet, 5GHz or 2.4GHz) and reroute traffic to another link (in as little as 500ms) when needed


  • Your WiFi experience should not depend on how you connect the beacons to create your mesh network
  • Any problem on the interconnections should not result in service degradation


  • Nokia WiFi Mesh is the best-in-class mesh technology and has been tested by Tolly to outperform other vendors’ equipment.

Ease of use:
Mobile app and pre-pairing


  • Install the first beacon with the app (just scan the QR code and follow instructions)
  • The 2nd and 3rd beacons are plug&play because they are pre-paired


  • The whole system must be easy to install and manage!


 What is the Wi-Fi performance of the Beacon 3? 

The Beacon 3 provides a 3x3 MIMO on 802.11bgn and 4x4 MIMO on 802.11ac. 

As a result, the Beacon 3 is an AC3000 capable device.  

What is the Wi-Fi performance of the Beacon 1? 
The Beacon 1 provides a 2x2 MIMO on 802.11bgn and 2x2 MIMO on 802.11ac. 

As a result, the Beacon 1 is an AC1200 capable device. 

Does the Nokia WiFi solution push devices to best available beacon? 
If your device supports 802.11 k/v, they will select the best beacon. The network can force older devices that do not support 802.11 k/v to another Beacon id necessary.  

Can Nokia WiFi be used to enhance Wi-Fi coverage outside of the house (e.g. back yard)? 
The Beacons are for designed for indoor use only. You can get coverage outside of your home but the Beacon must be placed inside in a dry location as is it not waterproof. 

Mobile app

Can the mobile app control the Nokia WiFnetwork if is not connected to the same network? 

Yes, Nokia WiFi mobile app can be controlled remotely, unless this feature is not supported by your internet provider. 

Does the app show what websites are visited or other private/personal activity? 
No. The app does not show what people are doing; it only shows which devices are on-line.  

What can you do with the Nokia WiFi mobile app? 
You can do the following with the mobile app: 


Can we rate limit or block certain users, e.gchildren gaming? 
We currently support ON/OFF access for each device as well as setting access schedules (e.g. no access after 9pm for children). 

How will upgrades/updates be provided 
Firmware upgrades are sent automatically through over-the-air programming.


Does Nokia WiFi have a 4G SIM option? 
There is no SIM option but we support cellular dongles through the USB ports of the Nokia WiFi Gateway 3. Nokia WiFi Beacons do not include USB ports. 

Do we support Power-over-Ethernet?
Not at this point.

How many devices can I connect to the Nokia WiFi network? 
You can currently connect up to 64 devices per network.  


 Buy Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 
Please select the country of your choice: 

  • For Italy, Portugal, Spain please click here 
  • For Australia please click here 

More countries will be added soon. 

Buy Beacon 1 
For US, please click here  

Where can I find the prices of Nokia WiFi Beacons? 
Please refer to the online stores for the price in each country. 

Is there a usage or rental fee? 
If you buy the Beacons from an online store, there is no usage fee. 

How many beacons come in a package? 
You can buy a single device, a twin-pack or a three-device pack from the online stores.  


Where can I find the user guide? 
Right here! We have replaced the user guide with this knowledge base  

Does the beacon replace the equipment provided by my service provider?  
You must have an internet connection, which is typically provided via a modem or gateway from your internet service provider. You need to use an Ethernet cable to connect the first Nokia WiFi Beacon (referred to as the root Beacon) to this modem or gateway for your WiFi network to have access to the internet.  

How long does it take to install a Nokia WiFi Beacon? 
Just a few minutes. You simply use the mobile app and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you accept all the default values (e.g. default SSID, default password), it takes only a few minutes to install each Beacon. 

Can I connect my second and third Beacons with an Ethernet cable?  
Yes. See here for more information: https://nokia-wifi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027379513-Ethernet-Backhaul  

Can I perform a factory reset? 
Yes. See here for more information: https://nokia-wifi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025911814-Factory-reset-a-Nokia-WiFi-device  

Help, I’ve locked my accountWhat should I do? 
The account will be locked for 15 minutes. Please try again after that time.   

Are there any wall or ceiling mount options for Nokia WiFi devices? 
Not yet.  

Are the beacons for indoor use only?
Yes, the Beacons are for indoor use only.

What is the maximum number of Nokia WiFi beacons that can be connected in one network? 
Currently up to 4 beacons can be connected. 

How do I connect an additional Beacon to the root Beacon (the one connected to the internet)? 
The Nokia WiFi Beacon has a hybrid backhaul, meaning that you can either use an Ethernet cable, or you can use a wireless backhaul (via WiFi). In either case, the beacon will analyze the network, and will determine whether to use Ethernet, the 5GHz Wi-Fi (less interference) or the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (longer reach) as backhaul. 

For more details on how to add additional Beacons, go herehttps://nokia-wifi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025860154-Add-a-Beacon-to-Extend-Your-Network-Coverage  

Do I need to do anything to ensure I have the latest firmware? 
No, we use automatic updates, so your firmware will always have the latest version. 
The firmware is set to update at 3am (local time) by default but this can be changed in the mobile app settings. 

To change the firmware update time, read this: https://nokia-wifi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026003353-Firmware-Updates   

How can I connect devices to the beacon?
There are 2 ways to connect devices:

  • Use the SSID and password, as printed on the sticker on the bottom of the root beacon (the one connected to the Internet)

Getting support

How can I get support? 

You can contact our support team by email or live chat. 

Go to the website (nokia.com/wifi) and click on the chat button (bottom right) or directly connect to Live Chat.  
Chat is also available in the mobile app. 



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