WiFi connection issues for Apple MacBook 2012 and 2015 models

Most of Apple MacBook models as part of year 2012 and 2015 series may have difficulties to detect the Nokia WiFi Beacons when both are running with EU (Europe) power table. 

Detailed Explanation:
In general, 802.11h is enabled on Nokia WiFi by default to improve the interference problems that occur in WiFi environments by Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and Transmit Power Control (TPC).

The Nokia WiFi Beacons support intelligent channel selection. When the system operates on a 5GHz channel, for example, 52,100,116,132,etc., these MacBooks don't recognize the 5GHz WiFi signals from Nokia WiFi. This results in disconnection from the Nokia WiFi network. 

As a workaround, the following actions can be performed to reconnect these MacBook devices to Nokia WiFi network

  1. Create a new 2.4GHz SSID (SSID-2) from the Nokia WebGUI and connect the MacBook to thisSSIS. Since, the default SSID name of Nokia WiFi is the same for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, this workaround for MacBook shouldn’t affect the existing devices.
  2. Disable the 5GHz Intelligent Channel selection and set the 5GHz WiFi Channel as 36 manually via the Nokia WebGUI. 

To create a new 2.4GHz SSID:

  • Login to Nokia WebGUI ( with user credentials or (username: admin and password: printed at the bottom of the beacon),
  • Navigate to Network -> Wireless (2.4GHz) and select SSID2
  • Configure with new SSID name and WiFi Key (network name and password) and click Save.