Phones with connection problems on Nokia WiFi


After an updates on Nokia Mobile phones (in 2020) manufactured by HMD Global, there have been problems connecting them to Nokia WiFi routers. The HMD Global team has acknowledged this issue  and working on a patch, until then, please try to follow the below workaround.

Affected models:

All Nokia phones that are running Android 10 or Android 9.

Xiaomi and BQ (with Beacon 3)


The Nokia WiFi SSID will be “saved” but it does not connect to the Nokia WiFi network


Login to the WebGUI and update the type of encryption used.

Steps to follow:

  • Login to on any device’s browser that is connected to the Nokia WiFi network
  • Use your login credentials that were created with the Nokia WiFi mobile app during setup
  • In the WebGUI:
    • Go to Network -> Wireless (5 GHz)
    • Select WPA+ WPA2 as the Encryption Mode
    • Click Save to continue




  • Permitting WPA in addition to WPA2 means that clients can connect to Nokia WiFi using the deprecated Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), which is vastly inferior to the AES encryption enforced by WPA2.
  • This security downgrade applies to all clients, not only to the Nokia phones that suffer from the defect being worked around.
  • The article should provide the above information, prompting users to make an informed decision weighing convenience against security.
  • Users should also be reminded to remove the workaround once their phones have received the fix for this issue.