Password reset for Nokia WiFi accounts

Passwords can only be reset for users that have Nokia WiFi accounts (available with some Internet providers).

Password Reset from the Sign In Screen

To reset your password - click on forgot your password on the sign in screen of the mobile app. Instructions on how to reset it will be emailed to you.

Note: If the password is not able to be reset, the default credentials on the bottom of the root device can be used to sign in while connected to the Nokia WiFi network.


Password Reset while logged into the Mobile App With the Default Username and Password

The password can also be reset while signed into the app via the change password screen.

You can sign into the app with the default credentials printed on the sticker on the bottom of the root device if you are connected to the Nokia WiFi network (in addition to the credentials set up during account creation).

  • Tap Settings and then Account under General
  • See the add an account card and tap the link Sign in to existing account
  • on the Sign in screen tap Forgot password?  and follow the instructions to reset the password