Nokia WiFi Firmware release notes

Firmware updates will be made at 3am local time by default (or the time that has been selected for updating in the mobile app)

May 20, 2020

Beacon 3 - 3FE47609ACAD19 (almost everyone) or 3FE49126ACAD21 (for specific CSPs only)

Beacon 1 -3FE47863ACAD19 (almost everyone) or 3FE49127ACAD21 (for specific CSPs only)

  • Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller support
  • Ability for operators to remove a subscriber account

April 13, 2020 
Beacon 3 - 3FE47609ACAC39
Beacon 1 - 3FE47863ACAC39

  • Web GUI function ALG to be accessible via TR069
  • Customized variants for CSPs
  • New architecture updates

January 24,2020
Beacon 3 - 3FE47609ACAB35
Beacon 1 - 3FE47863ACAB35

  • Support for frame aggregation for multicast video traffic to improve Wi-Fi efficiency
  • Support for 4 beacons in the network
  • Improvements in Family Profile support
  • Removal of 'superadmin' credentials from the mobile app and webGUI


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