The Nokia WiFi Home Console is part of the Nokia WiFi portfolio when Beacons are purchased from select service providers.

User Guide

Login to Nokia WiFi Home console using the credentials you use to enter to the Nokia WiFi app.


Home screen

The Home screen layout contains the information of the Nokia home wifi network. This view is divided into the left side menu; customer data and support on the right; and the topology together with the speed test, the issues and the devices connected to the network, in the center.


Speed Card

The speed card displays broadband uploaded and download speed from the RGW.
Ookla Speedtest disclosure.



Band Score Card

The Band Score card shows the quality of the WiFi spectrum, taking into account the number of Access Points in the vicinity, interference, usage etc. It provides information about the quality of the network.

Values: - Good, Fair, Bad


Devices Card


The devices card displays the number of connected devices. The arrow icon on the top right will direct you to the Devices Detail screen.


The Device Detail view displays Device Name, Connected Node, SSID, Wi-Fi Standard, Wi-Fi Band, Signal Strength, Tx Rate, Rx Rate, MAC Address, IP Address (some are hidden by default and all can be toggled on/off). You can also see offline devices by clicking the eye icon, as well as filtering at the drop down list.


Support Card

The support card shows the users email address, name and has the ability to reset the Beacons.




The menu allows you to access specific screens including, Dashboard (main screen), Beacons (showing a topology view), Speed Test, and Network History. 




The Dashboard option from the menu will direct you back to the Home screen.




The Separate Bands option from the Filters drop-down menu displays the available bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and the devices connected to each band.



There are also views displaying one band at a time and the whole network or different SSIDs.



provides a view of the status of connected Beacons, as well as the status of the backhaul links between the Beacons. 

As well you can see the Beacons details selecting the right card, where a list with Beacons and Internet is showed.


Clicking on a the circle representing the device will bring up a detailed screen with performance information about that device.Screen_Shot_2020-05-26_at_11.27.00_AM.png


Speed Test

The speed test displays a history and details of the speed tests performed on the network. 


 Note: The time shown is the local time as captured by the browser. 

Network History

The network history displays the log of events performed on the network. Select in the search filters by time, category and device on which the event was held. 


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