Remove a Beacon from your network

If you are not using a Beacon any more and wish to remove it form your network topology, you can do so with the mobile app. This may be needed when you are replacing a faulty Beacon or decide not to use one for any other reason.

To remove a Beacon (delete it from the network topology):

  • First power it down so it shows up in the mobile app as "offline"
  • Select Network in the bottom navigation
  • Tap on Devices (the top right tab)
  • Tap the device you would like to remove to see the device details screen
  • Tap the edit button on the top left (three dots) and select Remove
  • Confirm that you would like to remove the Beacon from the network
  • The Beacon will be removed from your network

Note: Currently you need to be signed in with your Nokia WiFi account (available in some variations) to remove a Beacon from your network. If you are signed in with the admin credentials, you will need to factory reset your full network to remove a device from the topology.