Firmware not upgrading

In some cases there are issues with firmware upgrading with OTA (over-the-air) automatic updates. For some instances there is an option in the web GUI (Beacon 1 and Beacon 3 only) where this can be done manually with the help of a support agent. 

These can be resolved with the help of a support agent and a manual upgrade. The support agent will work with you to provide you with the correct link to download the correct firmware version.

Download firmware

Download the firmware from the link provided by support to your laptop.

Connect Beacon to laptop

Connect the Beacon that needs the upgrade with a LAN port to your laptop with an Ethernet cable
More information on how to connect to the Web GUI

Upgrade firmware

  1. Log into the Web GUI (Beacon 1 and Beacon 3 only) by using the default user name and password on the sticker (or the user name and password provided by support) of the Beacon (admin). Connect with a browser by entering this url
  2. Go to "Maintenance"
  3. Click "Firmware Upgrade"-- Upload the file , then click upgrade.

After the upgrade has completed, try to add the Beacon with the Nokia WiFi mobile app.

More information on the Web GUI