How to change the WiFi channel

In some cases you may want to force the Wi-Fi point to change the channel to improve device connectivity. You can do this in the Web GUI.

  1. Open a web browser while connected to the Nokia WiFi network and go to the WebGUI (you can also use the default gateway IP address: )
  2. Login with the user name and password that is on the sticker of your root device.
  3. Select Network (on the top navigation bar)
  4. Go to Wireless 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz (on the left navigation), then you will see the option to change the channel.
  5. Select the desired channel (that ideally has less interference), click on save.
  6. Then go back to channel and change it back to Auto, click on save.

Note: Be careful to be sure to change the channel back to Auto. If the router stays in manual mode on one channel it your router may not work as intended. Please consult with support for help with configuration.