Add a Wi-Fi network (new SSID)


  • This feature is available in some deployments.
  • While adding a new network, if you see an error message that there is not enough space to add a new network,  you will be prompted to delete an existing network. Removing the existing network will permanently remove the network and this cannot be undone.
  • Some Wi-Fi points need to reboot the chip to make changes, for those a warning message is shown.

  1. Tap  (Add Wi-Fi network) in the home screen of the Nokia WiFi mobile app


    Tap Settings at the bottom of the home screen in the Nokia WiFi mobile app and tap plusicon.GIF next to Add Wi-Fi network.
  2. Tap Continue in the warning message. The network will go down for two minutes.
  3. On the Add new network screen, select the preferred network type. Tap Next.
  4. On the Name your new network screen, enter the name. Tap Save.
  5. On the Create a password screen, enter the password. Tap Save. The app starts creating the network. After the network is successfully created, tap Done