Web GUI - connecting with HTTPS

When surfing to webgui.nokiawifi.com or to the IP address of your device from your local area network (LAN) this connection is by default made with HTTP. Nokia devices feature secure web access from your local area network (LAN) by using HTTPS to prevent another user connected to your network to steal session information. > https://www.webgui.nokiawifi.com

Nokia devices use self-signed certificates to encrypt the data that is transferred between client and device. When you enter your device’s IP address or domain name in the address field of your browser, a security warning might display because of the self-signed certificate. This is expected behavior. You can proceed by following the instructions in your browser or add an exception for the security warning. If you add the device certificate to your browser, your computer saves this information and the browser warning no longer displays when you log in to the Web GUI of the device.

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