Device connectivity issues with Enhanced Roaming feature

Enhanced roaming is a feature that uses 802.11k which is a wireless LAN (WLAN) standard that enables wireless client devices to gather and utilize critical information about neighboring access points (APs) and channels. This information helps devices to make more informed decisions regarding roaming and network selection, which can lead to improved network performance, reliability, and efficiency.

However, older wireless devices that do not support 802.11k may encounter problems when attempting to connect to WLANs that do support this standard. Without access to critical information about neighboring APs and channels, these devices may experience difficulty in selecting the most suitable network, leading to slower speeds, reduced network availability, and increased interference.

It is worth noting that while 802.11k is an important standard for improving WLAN performance and reliability, it is not widely adopted in older wireless devices.

Should you experience any of these problems on your devices, enhanced roaming can be disabled through the webGUI in the details section of the root device.