Hardware Compatibility with the Nokia WiFi mobile app

Root/Gateway Wi-Fi point

Nokia WiFi supported root devices devices with the Nokia WiFi mobile app:

(Support of the devices listed below is dependent on the CSP and firmware version.)

  • Nokia WiFi Beacons 1, 1.1, 2, 3 ,6, G6
  • Nokia WiFi Gateway 3
  • Nokia FastMile 4G, 5G Gateways
  • Some CSP provided ONTs (modems/gateways):
    • G-140W-C, G-140W-H
    • G-240W-G, G-240W-J
    • G-0425G-A, G-0425G-B
    • G-1425G-A, G-1425G-B
    • G-2425G-A, G-2425G-B
    • G-2426G-A, G-2426G-B
    • XS-2426G-A, XS2426G-B
    • G-2426G-A
    • HA-140W-B


Extender Wi-Fi points

Only Nokia WiFi Beacons can be used to extend your network.

If you have a network setup with devices from your CSP Nokia WiFi Beacons will not be compatible with Nokia WiFi Beacons purchased on the used market that are not specific to the same CSP.