The performance of any router relies on many factors and one of them is your house area. We recommend multiple Beacons for a multi-story home.

Beacon 1

Beacon 3

1 Beacon

1,500 sq.ft (140 m2)

1 Beacon 

2,000 sq.ft (185 m2).

2 Beacons

3,000 sq. ft (280 m2)

2 Beacons

4,000 sq. Ft (370 m2

3 Beacons

4,500 sq.ft (420 m2)

3 Beacons

6,000 sq.ft (555 m2)

Note: The Beacons are designed for indoor use only. You can get coverage outside of your home, but the Beacon must be placed inside in a dry location as is it not waterproof.

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