Are the Beacons compatible with any service provider? 
Nokia WiFi Beacons are service provider specific and may not be compatible with Beacons purchased on the used market.

Where can I find the user guide? 
Right here! We have replaced the user guide with this knowledge base.   

Does the Beacon replace the equipment provided by my service provider?  
You must have an internet connection, which is typically provided via a modem or gateway from your internet service provider. You need to use an Ethernet cable to connect the first Nokia WiFi Beacon (referred to as the root Beacon) to this modem or gateway for your WiFi network to have access to the internet.  

How long does it take to install a Nokia WiFi Beacon? 
Just a few minutes. You simply use the mobile app and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you accept all the default values (e.g. default SSID, default password), it takes only a few minutes to install each Beacon. 

Can I connect my second and third Beacons with an Ethernet cable?  
Yes. More information on using Ethernet backhaul.

Do we support Power-over-Ethernet?
Not at this point.

Can I perform a factory reset? 
Yes. See here for more information.

Are there any wall or ceiling mount options for Nokia WiFi devices? 
Not yet.   

Are the beacons for indoor use only?
Yes, the Beacons are for indoor use only.

What is the maximum number of Nokia WiFi beacons that can be connected in one network? 
See - How many Nokia WiFi Beacons can I add to my network?

How do I connect an additional Beacon to the root Beacon (the one connected to the internet)? 
The Nokia WiFi Beacon has a hybrid backhaul, meaning that you can either use an Ethernet cable, or you can use a wireless backhaul (via WiFi). In either case, the beacon will analyze the network, and will determine whether to use Ethernet, the 5GHz Wi-Fi (less interference) or the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (longer reach) as backhaul. 

Find more details on how to add additional Beacons here

Do I need to do anything to ensure I have the latest firmware? 
No, we use automatic updates, so your firmware will always have the latest version approved by your CSP. The firmware is set to update at 3am (local time) by default but this can be changed in the mobile app settings.