Ethernet Backhaul

Ethernet backhaul is supported in both bridge mode or route mode in the Nokia WiFi Beacons.
(only Beacon 3 is shown in the diagram)

Note: When adding a new Beacon to the network plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your root device (in any available yellow (LAN) port and connect the other end to the blue (WAN) port of the device you are adding.

Linear (or daisy chain) topology is supported in the Nokia Wifi mesh network.
(<Internet>---(WAN)<root beacon>(LAN)---(WAN)<beacon2>(LAN)---(WAN)<beacon3> )


Limitations in Ethernet backhaul connection:

  • Only one switch is allowed, no cascading switch in the mesh backhaul
  • All mesh elements the WAN Port should be connected to the switch except the root Beacon
  • All elements connected in the home through this switch should access the Internet through the root Beacon's WAN (e.g  if the root Beacon's WAN is connected directly to a 3rd party RGW LAN, one of the LAN ports of the root should be connected to this switch and the switch should not have additional access to the Internet.
  • The Portal &  the Nokia WiFi mobile app will not show the Switch in the cloud.
  • In the Portal topology view data rates reflected on the mesh links in will have same entries on multiple links.

Topology configurations to avoid when using Ethernet backhaul.