Set up your Nokia WiFi

Before you start, be sure that:

  • You are using supported hardware - see hardware compatibility
  • You have access to an existing wireless network through an internet-connected modem or router.
  • You have a Nokia WiFi supported device with its power cable and an Ethernet cable.
  • A smartphone running the Nokia WiFi app is connected to your existing wireless network.

Important: If you have an existing router or modem/router combo you will need to disconnect your existing router (or turn off the router function on your modem/router combo) to avoid issues with 'double-NAT'. 

Setting up your network

  1. Open the Nokia WiFi app on your phone.
    • Accept permission for “Nokia WiFi” to find and connect to devices on your local network.
    • Accept permission to receive notifications regarding alerts, sounds and icon badges.
  2. Tap Get Started.
    • If the network is already set up (without using the app and /or by a technician) and this is the first time using the app,  be sure your mobile phone is connected to a WiFi network and tap Get Started to set up the network with the app.
  3. Connect the app to the root device
    • Follow the instructions to select and scan the QR code on the root device. The root device is the one that is connected to modem. If you do not wish to use the camera or your device doesn't have a QR code, follow the steps to manually enter the information. 
  4. Guided setup instructions
    • After identifying the root device with the app you will then see guided setup instructions that show you how to connect your device to the network. If the device is already powered on and connected to the internet, tap My network is set up to skip these steps, if not tap Next and follow the guided steps.
    • If you are following the guided steps to setup the network and you do not see the network, tap I don’t see the network.
    • Go to mobile Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Nokia WiFi network. The default password has been copied to your clipboard. Tap Join.
    • After setup is completed, the app starts looking for and connecting to the root device.
  5. After the root device is found, you will be asked to join the network that is broadcasted from the root device. They network name and WiFi Key is on the sticker on the bottom of the device.
  6. The app will need a couple minutes to connect and "prepare" your device. You will then be asked to create an account. (Some instances of the app do not include account creation, depending on which ISP you have.) Account creation might also include an option to enable two-factor authentication (ISP dependent).
  7. You will then be given the option to rename your Wi-Fi point or add additional Beacons to extend your network. If you would like to add additional Beacons at this time, tap Add another Wi-Fi Point (this can also be done later).
    • The option to rename your Wi-Fi point includes preset names like (kitchen, bedroom etc) or you can add a custom location. This can also be done at any point later. (The option to name your Wi-Fi points is available in most but not all configurations.)
    • If you do not see your Wi-Fi point, tap Wi-Fi points not showing above?. If your Beacon LED is red, reset your device to factory settings and add the device to the network again.
  8. You're done! you have the option to give your network a custom name and / or password at this point or can do it at any time with the mobile app.



  • Some instances of Nokia WiFi do not include account setup (registration) (this varies bases on your internet provider).
    • In these cases, to sign into the mobile app, the credentials on the bottom of the root Beacon should be used.
  • Each home network can only have one account (email address) linked to it.
  • A second home network can be setup using the same mobile app installation, but you will need to log out of one network and login to the second one. A different email address needs to be used to create the second account.