Set up your FastMile 5G receiver

Before you start, be sure that:

  • A smartphone running the Nokia WiFi app is connected to your existing wireless network.

Setting up your network

  1. Open the Nokia WiFi app on your phone.
  2. Tap Get Started.
    • To agree to the terms of service and privacy policy required for using the app, tap Get Started to set up the 5G receiver with the app.
  3. Connect the app to the 5G receiver.
    • Follow the instructions to select and scan the QR code on the 5G receiver. If you do not wish to use the camera or your device does not have a QR code, follow the steps to manually enter the information. 
  4. Guided setup instructions:
    • Insert the SIM card provided by your internet provider if not inserted before and screw back the cover and tap SIM card is inserted.
    • Connect the PoE adapter and tap Next.
    • Wait for the solid green LED and tap The LED is green.
    • Pair the device with Bluetooth and tap Next. In case, you have followed the connection by entering manually, you need to enter the code manually.
  5. After successful pairing, Tap Next. The app starts testing the connection.
    • If needed, tap Positioning tips to see the tips on how to position the device.
  6. The app will need a couple minutes to connect and "prepare" your device. Tap Next.
    • If the connection is not great, tap Reposition and follow the steps to reposition the device.
    • If required, tap on Advance results to check the signal information of the receiver.
  7. Mount the device by referring to Quick Start Guide and tap It’s mounted.
  8. Make sure to mount the device at secure location and tap Finish Installation.
  9. Tap Done.
  10. To add the Wi-Fi points, tap Add Wi-Fi point.

To disconnect the 5G receiver (before adding Wi-Fi points)

  1. In the Nokia WiFi mobile app, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Disconnect.
    • Tap Disconnect to disconnect the 5G receiver.
    • Tap Cancel if you do not want to disconnect the 5G receiver.