Content filtering has been added to family profiles for certain configurations, replacing website blocking.

With content filtering you can block categories of content, for example "violence", rather than having to block sites one by one.

You will be able to see a history of sites that have been blocked by content filtering and have the option to allow them by adding them to the unblocked list. If you allow specific sites they will be available to everyone on your network.

Note: If you have previously used website blocking, those specific sites will no longer be blocked and you can use content filtering to block categories of content instead. 


Using content filtering

Use content filtering to block specific categories of content from all devices assigned to the profile.

  1. Tap Content filtering.
  2. In the Welcome to Content Filtering screen, tap Continue.
  3. In the Content filtering screen, tap Enable to enable the filtering and select the category (multiple categories can be selected) to block the sites of that category. Certain websites may not be blocked immediately under a particular category. If the site is accessible, clear your browsers cache and tap Confirm.

Viewing the list of sites (history) that have been blocked by contend filtering

  1. Tap Content filtering.
    • In the Content filtering screen, tap History to view the websites blocked by content filtering. 
    • If there is a site in the history that you wish to not have blocked you can add it to the unblocked list.

Clear the history of blocked sites

  1. Tap Clear all to clear the history. Then, tap Clear all to clear the history of blocked list or tap Cancel to not to clear history.

Viewing the unblocked list

The unblocked list is a list of sites that have been blocked by content filtering that you wish to not be blocked. They will be reachable by everyone on the network.

  1. Tap Content filtering.
    • In the Content filtering screen, tap Unblocked list to view the websites that have been unblocked. 
  2. Tap Remove all to clear the list. Any website that is identified as unsafe by the F-secure will then be blocked.
  3. To remove an individual website from the unblocked list, tap on the individual website and then tap X.
    • Tap Remove to remove the website from blocked list or tap Cancel to not to remove the website from unblock list.