Network security add the ability to protect the network with F-Secure with browsing protection and smart home protection.

  1. Tap Network security on the home screen.
  2. On the Network security screen there are two types of protection that can be turned on:
    • Browsing protection: blocks websites with viruses, spyware, malware or other threats including bot attacks.
    • Smart home protection: Analyzes the network in real time for abnormal traffic.

History of sites blocked by network security

The history will show a list of all the sites that have been blocked by network security and when they were blocked.

  • Remove one site: To remove an individual website from the blocked list, swipe left.
  • Clear entire history: In the Network security screen, tap Clear all to clear the history. 
  • Add to unblocked list: If you would like to view a site that has been blocked you can add it to the unblocked list and it will then be available for everyone on your network. 

Note: If the website is potentially harmful, F-secure reports the website as potentially harmful. If the website is falsely reported as malicious, then tap send the URL to F-secure on the website details screen to report it to F-secure. You can tap Unblock to add to the website to unblocked list.


Viewing the unblocked list

  • In the Network security screen, tap Unblocked list to view the websites that have been added to this list. 
  • Tap Remove all to clear the list. These websites if still identified as unsafe by the F-secure will be blocked going forward.
  • To remove an individual website from the unblocked list, tap the x on the right side of the url.

Abnormal traffic

  • If abnormal traffic is detected on a device this will show up in the history with a recommendation to block the internet to this device and contact the manufacturer.