Set up family profiles (parental controls)

Family profiles let you restrict internet access for certain devices at specific times or to block specific websites.​ For example, you can group all of your kids’ devices and give them an internet “bedtime”.  



Set up a profile

  1. Tap Profiles at the bottom navigation on the home screen.
  2. In the Family Profiles screen, tap Create New (to set up a profile for the first time) or Add Family Profile (to set up an additional profile).
  3. Give the profile a name and select the devices that you would like to add to the profile.
  4. For each profile:
    • Internet access can be paused / unpaused at any time.
    • Schedules can be setup for internet access to be enabled or disabled
    • A bedtime can be setup (no internet access)
    • Individual websites can be blocked

Note: By default, all devices are assigned to the Home profile. If you remove a device from any other profile, it will automatically be reassigned to the Home profile. Devices can only belong to one profile at a time.


Add or remove assigned devices

  1. Tap Assigned Devices. You will see the devices currently assigned to the profile.
  2. Tap the pencil icon to edit.
  3. Select the devices you would like to add to the profile (or deselect the devices to remove).
  4. Tap the check mark at the top right corner to save.   

Select Devices.png


You can set up a schedule for a group that will automatically block internet access during specific times.

Add or Edit Schedule.png

  1. Tap Schedules.
  2. In the Schedules screen, tap Create Schedule to create a new schedule for the first time (or the "+" on the top right to add an additional schedule.
    • Give the schedule a name (for example, the name of the activity, such as homework or dinner). 
    • Select the Start Time,End Time and Days of the week you would like this schedule to be applied to.
    • Tap the check mark at the top right corner to save. This schedule will then be listed in the Schedules screen. By default, it is enabled.
  3. To edit or delete the schedule, tap a schedule and select edit or delete from the buttons on the bottom.


You can set up a bedtime for a profile to block internet access during that specific times.


    1. Tap Bedtime.
    2. Select the bedtime (internet access will be turned off at that time) and set the time and tap Done.
    3. To edit, tap > below the bedtime.
  • Edit Bedtime: Modify the days and time and tap the check mark  the top right corner to save the changes.
  • Delete Bedtime: The bedtime will be deleted. Tap Undo to undo the changes.


Website blocking

Use website blocking to block a specific website from all devices assigned to the profile. (available with certain configurations)


  1. Toggle the Blocking option on. 
    1. Tap the plus (+) sign to add a website to block.
    2. Enter the website URL and tap the check mark on the top right corner to save. You will see the website is listed under the Blocked Websites.
      Note: The blocked website might be reachable for a few minutes after blocking depending on the browser’s cache settings
  2. To edit, tap the ellipsis on the right of the website URL and select:
    • Edit Website: Modify the website URL and tap the check mark on the top right corner to save the changes.
    • Delete Website: The website will deleted from the Blocked Websites list. Tap Undo to undo the changes.

Edit or delete profile

  1. Tap the ellipsis at the top right corner of the profile screen to open the menu.
  2. Tap Edit Profile or Delete Profile.


  • Family profiles can be set up when signed into the mobile app with a Nokia WiFi account (available with some configurations) or with the local admin access (the default login information on the Beacon sticker). You can change the default admin password in the web GUI (Maintenance/Password) to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Family profiles are not available when using bridge mode.
  • You can create up to 64 groups and each group can have up to 254 devices