The Nokia WiFi Mobile app allows to check and provide recommendations to improve the network health (available in some configurations).

  1. Tap Check on the Network health check card in the home screen. The app checks the network health and displays the health status. One of the following messages are displayed:
    • Network is healthy: Wi-Fi points and devices are stable and home coverage is good. No action is needed.
    • Extend network coverage: Some devices are not receiving a good Wi-Fi connection. To extend the network coverage, tap Tip details and follow the suggested tips to improve the network coverage.
    • Improve Wi-Fi point stability: The connection of the Wi-Fi point is unstable. Try to place the extender Wi-Fi point closer to the route device. Tap Test location to test the location of your Wi-Fi point and follow the steps.
    • Improve the connection of a device: The device has an unstable connection. You can resolve this issue by;
      • changing the position of your Wi-Fi point, or
      • moving the device closer to a Wi-Fi point.

              Tap Tip details and follow the suggested tips to improve the connection.

  • Improve the network topology: The Wi-Fi points in your network may not be connected to each other in a way that works well with Nokia Wi-Fi. For more information on supported topologies, tap More Info and check the help centre page for the supported network topology.
  1. In the Tips screen, tap Show hidden tips to view the hidden tips to improve your network’s health.