Internet Backup Troubleshooting

The internet backup feature is available with some configurations. This will allow you to have a backup in case your service goes down temporarily by utilizing a mobile hotspot or another WiFi network.  

Having trouble connecting a hotspot?

  • Double check that the hotspot on your phone is enabled.
    • If it is already enabled, make sure that it is getting data (e.g. you are able to browse the internet on your phone).
  • Move the phone being used for the hotspot closer to the root WiFi point.
  • Check the band that your hotspot is using (only 5 GHz is supported)
    • Most phones are dual band and will enable a hotspot in 5GHz but sometimes older phones only use 2.4 GHz.
    • If the phone supports 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz and the default setting has been changed to only use the 2.4 GHz band, then this needs to be changed back to using both bands or only the 5 GHz band.
  • Check the phone's encryption mode.
    • WPA2 personal is the only encryption mode that is supported (not WPA 3)
  • Check the region setting of the phone.
    • If the phone is set to a different region (purchased in a different country for example), it might be using a channel that the gateway is not able to discover. 
  • Check the password.
    • Your router may have a more limited character set than the WiFi password (which can be any unicode character). Try simplifying the hotspot password if necessary.