Help and Support

In the mobile app tap the help icon mceclip0.png at the top right corner of the screen to see the help menu.

Some of the following support options may be available (depending on your internet provider):

If you don't see the options below in your mobile app then contact your provider directly for support.

  • Tap Nokia WiFi help center to view help articles related to the Nokia WiFi mobile app. 
  • Tap Email support to send an email to the support team.
  • Tap Call support to make a phone call
  • Tap Operator online support to view services provider specific support pages.
  • Tap Start a live chat to start a live chat with an agent from the support team. If you are reaching the support team in the non-working hours, you will be directed to leave a message and fill out the required files. The support team will respond to you in their working hours through email.
    Tap hamburger icon mceclip0.png for more options: 
      • Email transcript: Type the email address and tap Send to receive an email of the entire chat session. Tap Cancel to go back to Chat with us screen.
      • Edit contact details: Type the new Name and Email and tap Save. Tap Cancel to go back to Chat with us screen.
      • End chat: Tap End to end the live chat session. Tap Cancel to go back to Chat with us screen.

  • Tap Share logs and select one of the following options:
    • Share logs: Select how you would like to share the logs. For example, text message, email, or any other available option.
    • Clear logs: Clear the Nokia WiFi Mobile App logs for your account.
  • Tap Setup new network to setup your route Beacon / ONT device and follow the instructions in the next screen.

Note: If you purchased your Nokia WiFi Beacons / ONTs from your internet service provider, you can contact them directly for support and chat options may not be available. Menu items may be different depending on your internet provider.

Note: The time displayed in the Nokia WiFi Mobile App is based on your local time zone.