Factory reset a Nokia WiFi device

Factory reset
 factory reset erases all your current device settings and returns your Nokia WiFi device to its "out-of-box" state. There are three main reasons why you may need to perform a factory reset:  

  1. Reinstalling your Nokia WiFi network in a new location.  
  2. Replacing your root Beacon.
  3. An error during setup resulting in an incomplete device configuration. 

You may also be advised to reset the device by your service provider or Nokia Care Agent. 

A factory reset will clear any configurations.

Factory resetting any single Nokia WiFi device in your network means that ALL your devices must be reset. You must always start with the device acting as your root device, then reset any extender devices, otherwise you will have a wireless network with incomplete or mismatched configuration data.  

Factory reset does not remove the account association with your device. This is done in an additional step detailed below.

How to Factory Reset your Beacons
n the back of each Nokia WiFi Beacon there is a small recessed Reset button (on the bottom of Beacon 6). 



Make sure to remove any ethernet backhaul connections from the root beacon before resetting.

With the Beacon powered-on, use a paper clip or SIM tray removal tool to press and hold the Reset button for approximately 10 seconds, until the LED flashes red (at least twice).  

After the factory reset has been completed the LED will:

  1. Turn solid white, which indicates the Beacon has entered the boot-up phase. (This will take a few minutes.)
  2. Flash yellow, indicating the Beacon has been factory reset and is ready for configuration.  

Repeat this process for the remaining Beacons.

Once all Beacons are factory reset, refer to one of the Setup your Nokia WiFi section to setup your device(s). 


How to remove your account association with the Beacon
If you have created a Nokia WiFi account (available in some configurations) and wish to disassociate the account with your root device you will need to:

  • Power off your root Beacon
  • Open the Nokia WiFi mobile app - see the "Nokia WiFi offline" error screen
  • Tap "Setup new network" and confirm the warning message